Pre-order Texas’s Emerging Writers

Half-a-year ago, I was contacted by Z Publishing about contributing to their “Emerging Writers” series. Having launched a successful run of “Emerging Poets,” the publishing house was seeking to publish new writers from every state in what they called a “sampler platter.”

I was ecstatic. I penned a flurry of fiction and plagued my critique groups for several months. There were no specifications on genre, so my pieces were strange and speculative with one flash about monks hunting a bear in an underworld library.

Finally, Z selected “House Divided” from my submission pile. The story is about a recent divorcee ruminating on her home, which, instead of being given to either her or her ex-husband, has been split interdimensionally between them. In essence, they’ve become ghosts to each other.

texas emerging authorsSo here we are—with my plug. The publication date for Texas’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction is just around the corner (September 4th, 2018), but you can pre-order now for $14.99. There are two anthologies from Texas. Mine’s the tree behind the bluebonnet, a hazy sun on the horizon, and pink-gray clouds smearing the sky.