Best Of

Black Bear on White Paper

Deep underground is an endless library, where a bear has got into the ink pots.

Literally Stories (February 2019)

House Divided

A divorced couple share a house that’s been split interdimensionally.

Z Publishing’s America’s Emerging Writers (2018)

And We Who Never Died

In a world where the dead inhabit heirlooms, a mother and her children search the house for the recently departed.

The Tishman Review (April 2018)
Nominated for Best Small Fictions

Two Wings, Flightless

A man in a ruined future must destroy a sentient hovership that’s burning up the countryside.

Kasma Magazine (December 2018)


A young, suicidal Muslim finds solace in Lord of the Flies.

HeartWood Magazine (October 2017)

The Spheres

A toy shop sells planets and other satellites.

Theme of Absence (September 2017)

Introducing Dredge

A necromancer discovers he’s the target of an adventuring hero. The dread lich freaks out.

Whatever Our Souls (July 2017)

Flexible Groups

A classroom full of the gifted and talented must co-exist with a student who is useless at everything.

Defenestration Magazine (December 2016)