Short Story

Rona of the Els
Electric Spec — May 2020
A peasant witch takes a noble girl on a romp through the marsh.


Blue Winter High
Writ in Water — April 2020
A high school teacher struggles to keep up with robot coworkers.


Water Bees
Detective Thrillers Short Stories — February 2020
Flame Tree’s Gothic Fantasy Series
A French police inspector in the nineteenth century must solve a missing person’s case.


Black Bear on White Paper
Literally Stories — February 2019
Deep underground in an endless library, monks hunt a bear.


Two Wings, Flightless
Kasma Magazine — December 2018
A man in a ruined future must destroy a rogue hovership.


Good Fulch
Ripples in Space — November 2018
Robots debate whether to terminate the last human.


House Divided
Z Publishing’s America’s Emerging Writers — September 2018
A divorced couple splits their home interdimensionally.


HeartWood — October 2017
A young, suicidal Muslim finds solace in Lord of the Flies.


Whatever Our Souls — July 2017
A necromancer discovers he’s being hunted by a hero.


Flexible Groups
Defenestration Magazine — December 2016
A classroom full of the gifted and talented must co-exist with a student who is useless.


Flash Fiction

Carnaval de la Coccinelle
The Were-Traveler — April 2020
In a world populated by men and a menagerie of bugs, a French police inspector must solve a cipher before a valuable relic is forever lost.


The Other World Tree
365 Tomorrows — February 2020
A family in the nineteenth century encounters a sinister ‘other world.’


Birdu Vanilla
365 Tomorrows — August 2019
A new video game threatens the United States.


The Garden of Forking Palms
Mojave River Review — June 2019
A man wakes up to find a garden in his hand.


And We Who Never Died
The Tishman Review — April 2018
In a world where the dead inhabit heirlooms, a family searches for the recently departed.
Nominated for Best Small Fictions.


When Men Came
Writ in Water — April 2018
A medieval battle from the point of view of a tree.


An Old War Hog
Ghost Parachute — February 2018
Surreal prose about a substitute teacher who’s a wild boar.


The Spheres
Theme of Absence — September 2017
A toy store that sells planets.


Pink Pastures
365 Tomorrows — September 2016
A city of pleasure is plagued by a swamp of flesh.



Rue Scribe — August 2018
A poem critical of female violence.
Reprinted in Helen Literary Magazine.


Boar Song
Ink & Voices — August 2018
A poem petite about my wife’s mad laughter.


The Tishman Review — April 2018
A poem comparing marriage to the ecology of dung beetles.