Prose & Poetry

Having only recently encountered courage, I’ve been trying to publish since 2016. Luckily, I’ve had some success in contributing to amazing literary magazines. Here are a few of my favorite (published) works.


House Divided

A recent divorcee ruminates on her home, which has been divided interdimensionally with her ex-husband.

Texas’s Emerging Writers (September 2018)


And We Never Died

In a world where the dead inhabit the objects they cared for in life, a mother and her children search for their missing father.

The Tishman Review (April 2018)



A young, suicidal Muslim finds solace in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

HeartWood Magazine (October 2017)


The Spheres

A shopkeeper sells planets and other odd satellites.

Theme of Absence (September 2017)


Introducing Dredge

A swampland necromancer discovers he’s the target of an adventuring hero. The dread magician freaks out.

Whatever Our Souls (July 2017)


Flexible Groups

A bit of fun about a boy who can’t do anything in a class full of the gifted and talented.

Defenestration Magazine (December 2016)