Thank you for submitting to Augur Magazine. Every submission we receive is important to us, and we’re honoured that you trusted us with your work. However, as we’re often only able to publish 1-2% of those submissions, we have to make some hard choices. Unfortunately, we will not be purchasing [Omitted] for our upcoming issue.



Thank you for sending your submission. Unfortunately we were unable to include your contribution. The Firewords team really enjoyed reading your submission and it was of a good writing standard. However, we did not feel that it sat closely enough with the prompt to be considered. We appreciate your interest in our publication and the time you took to submit.



Thank you for sending a submission for the upcoming issue of the Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine. Although we feel your work has many positives, after much deliberation, we decided it was not a good fit for us at this time. We received many incredible stories, poems, non-fiction, and images, and we are forced to select only a handful of pieces. Know that though your work will not be in this next issue, our staff welcomes your submissions and truly hopes to continue receiving material from you.



Thank you for sharing your work with us. We have decided not to publish this particular Fiction submission. Unfortunately, we receive many fine works that are not quite right for this magazine. We appreciate your interest in Storm Cellar.



Thank you for taking an interest in Red Sun Magazine. We appreciate the opportunity to read your submission. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right fit for us.
Although we receive too many submissions to respond to each author on an individual basis, we recognize all the hard work and imagination that you put into your creation. We wish you the best of luck in finding a market for it and encourage you to try submitting a different creation.



Thank you for submitting to freeze frame fiction. We have decided not to publish your piece, [Omitted], on this occasion.



Thank you for submitting [Omitted] to Windscape Publishing. Although we must decline your submission this time around, we wish you the best placing it elsewhere.

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