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Conspiracies Peoples Report

YO YO! I now have a radio show broadcasting every Thursday afternoon from 6:30 to 8 PM at KJUC 880/770 AM from local Santa Barbara radio channel KCSB 91.9. It’s going to be the shizrocks so get your notebook out and tune in. While other shows are saturating themselves in Indie bands and alternative rock, we’ll be exploring intriguing topics like MAN’S PLACE IN THE COSMOS!

CPR, or Conspiracies Peoples Report, is dedicated to descending into madness. Like a snake eating its own tail, humies preoccupy themselves in the consumption of resources and Brave New World levels of leisure that they’ve ignored the signs of our super-weird, super-mutual destruction. The natural order is helter skelter.

Our show will investigate a variety of topics pertaining to you, the cosmonaut, including: Graphic Novels, life philosophies, life sophistries, OST, Spoken Word, the supernatural, the paranormal,, non sequitur humor, fish, the superhorny, magical realism, conspiracies, religion, religious conspiracies, conspiratorial religions, private detective fiction from the 20-30s, cryptozoology, fringe science, anime & manga, westerns & cowboys, stand up comedy (and sit down tragedy), Crime Mystery Theatre, science fiction, interesting histories, obscure books, and brain-washing celebrities (like Lady Gag… or is it Godga?).

Our musical accompaniment will be soundtracks to our favorite TV shows, with an emphasis on Science Fiction, Spy Espionage, and Detective Drama (i.e. The Prisoner, The Wild Wild West, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The X-FilesFringe, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Kojak, The Rockford Files, Starsky & Hutch, McMillan & Wife, etc). Plus we’ll include music pertaining to the supernatural, music pertaining to nerd culture, and music we really, really, really like. Think of this as kaleidoscopic arm-swinging insubordinate wit to twit.

I’m teaching a class next year!

LITERATURE CS 15 Section 1


Disney and analogous animations are a medium not usually perceived as high art, but are just as applicable for critical analysis. In this colloquium we will perilously engage in deconstructing archetypes, mythological figures, and conflicting ideologies in the Disney “universe.” Disney’s persistent use of adapted story, dead family members, gender roles, race, distorted history, as well as manipulation of visual presentation, music, history, popular culture and subtle sexuality – makes the Disney oeuvre a thing that can be explored by both the childish and cerebral. This colloquium will also explore new methods of telling story when universal brand and a globalized audience must be considered. Writing projects will include critical essays and creative writing within the topic. Students will turn in a portfolio of collected stories, poetry and essays at the end of the quarter. Exploration of other forms of media, like Hanna Barbara, Pixar, or Hayao Miyazaki films, will also be allowed.

Note: Student Colloquia are limited to a maximum of Two (2.0) units Pass. Units for this class are lower-division UCSB units.

 Recommended Reading:

Byrne, Eleanor. Deconstructing Disney. Pluto Press: London, 1999.

Griffin, Sean. Tinker Belles and Evil Queens. University Press: New York, 2000.

Wasko, Janet. Understanding Disney. Blackwell Publishers Ltd: Cambridge, 2001.

Student Instructor:  Desmond White

Faculty Advisor:  Jim Donelan