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Short Film — Bare Romance

My 16mm black & white short film “Bare Romance” debuted at UCSB’s Reel Loud Film Festival 2012. Worked with some wonderful people, and a few wonderful naked people, plus the band Each Peace who performed live at the show (per Reel Loud tradition).

SYNOPSIS: An avant-garde comedy about a naked guy (Zach Lemke) who shows up at a party and feels ostracized and different because he’s naked.



Ben Shukman, a few others, and myself have been working on this project for the past couple months: KINOTEK, an alternative movie venue in Isla Vista. The Bottomline reported on our first event which had a 160 person turn-out.


Dinosaur Time Machine, my film production company and freelance writing agency. Headquarters: Barbados (seriously). It was unsuccessful.


KCSB AS Media Center. Pictured, left to right: Vanessa Valdivia, Ian Vargas, Desmond Wilder, Victoria Hungerford. This is my team.