Michael Morgan Presents The Odyssey Project

Michael Morgan, a UCSB theater professor with the voice of a lion, hosted this “unique inter-disciplinary theatrical production” over the Summer of 2011. What really set us apart from other stage adaptations of The Odyssey was the inclusion of teenage juvenille delinquents from Los Prietos Boys Camp and Academy in our main cast. For an entire Summer we worked with Los Boys on a primal, abstract, and ultimately personal rendition of The Illiad’s ubiquitous sequel. There was a lot of soul-searching, a lot of tears, one kid got busted with a baggie of pot, that sort of thing. The end result was a blackbox godspell.

For my part (because, as usual, this blog is all about me!), I played one of the cyclops who admonish Polyphemos, as well as a (hopefully) sexy Odysseus during his sexy stay on Circe’s island. Kalila Griffith played Circe and we had a Tango dance number. It was fun!