Six Word Memoirs

Every year, I have my students introduce themselves by writing and sharing six-word memoirs. The guidelines are simple. An evocative, original story in six words. These memoirs don’t have to be a narrative, but they must be biographical and significant. With my students’ permission, I publish them anonymously in SMITH Magazine’s Six Words on a profile that’s slowly becoming a catalog of high school woes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Always super hungry. Always super eating.

Die laughing at your own dying.

Caring but still no one cares.

Dreams go up. Rain comes down.

Always stressed and never well dressed.

So many achievements, so little recognition.

Daydreaming to find my future endeavors.

First day of school, have homework.

My mind – brighter than my future.

Napping and I’m not even sleepy.

School today takes my life away.

I have wasted perfectly good wrists.