Desmond Write has style

I commissioned my friend Phil Kiner (check out his Behance, Twitter, and Instagram) to make an official business card for Desmond, Write.

Originally, I was thinking the card should feature the California Flag Bear made of the night-sky, like this:

It was elegant (that’s Phil’s mock-up), but Phil pushed me to find a design that better represented my personality. Something writerly, sophisticated, sloppy. Finally, we envisioned what would become the final result: a bespectacled bear eating ink like Winnie the Pooh and spilling it everywhere. It was my spirit animal. It was me.

And when Phil sent me the final proof, I was not disappointed.

The Front

The Back

If you’re looking for a professional graphic designer or an artist-in-general, Phil should be your go-to guy. Phil’s currently accepting commissions and can be contacted at

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